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It’s summer! Students are out of school, the place is hot and it’s the perfect time to get out of the house and explore Jamaica. Our island home has a good range of attractions that you can visit right throughout the year. But why not cross some of them off your list this summer? Here are five Jamaican attractions that you can visit this summer:

  • Blue Lagoon and Monkey Island– Blue Lagoon is one of Portland’s most majestic and popular gems. The colour of the water changes with its depth and time of day, moving from clear to turquoise, green or a deep blue. People from all over the world visit the lagoon each year for a swim, rafting or a boat ride. The lagoon is said to be about 100 feet deep and is home to fish, turtles and other marine life. The raft or boat captain will delight you in some history on the lagoon while showing you the luxurious villas, owned by affluent Jamaicans, which line the beautiful body of water. Your ride will also include a stop at Monkey Island where you can swim and take photos and possibly visit a mineral spring. Prices range from $6000 upwards for boat rides and $7000 upwards for raft rides.
  • Lover’s Leap– Lover’s Leap in St. Elizabeth boasts one of the most panoramic views in Jamaica at 1700 feet above sea level. It has recently been refurbished and has a restaurant perfect for a romantic dinner and an electrifying dance party on Sunday evenings. Speaking of romantic, Lover’s Leap is known for its love story which involved two slaves who, instead of being separated from each other due to a jealous plantation owner, ran away and jumped to their deaths at the location. It is also home to the highest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Rick’s Café– Rick’s Café is one of Negril’s most popular attractions, with cliff jumping from several feet in the air, reggae music and a buzzing restaurant. If you’re into a life of exhilaration (and you can swim, of course), then Rick’s Café is the perfect place to show off your diving skills. If you’re on the more reserved side, you can be a supportive onlooker, enjoy some meals at the restaurant and, how could I forget, watch the beautiful Negril sunset.
  • Konoko Falls- Konoko Falls- Located in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Konoko Falls has an enchanting cascade of falls with small natural pools for swimming and frolicking. On site is also a large botanical garden, a recently-constructed pool, a mini Taino museum and small zoo with crocodile, birds, snakes and iguanas. You can feed the birds from the palm of your hands as well as hold and take pictures with them, the snakes and iguanas. It is perfect for the entire family and by showing any of your JN cards, you’ll get a 10 per cent discount off the entry fee. Konoko Falls is more than worth the visit!
  • Floyd’s Pelican Bar– Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located off the coast of Parottee Beach in St. Elizabeth and is perched on a sand bank in the middle of the sea. Within about a 15-minute boat ride, you’ll arrive at your destination and be greeted by the owner and fisherman, Mr Floyd himself. The water around the bar is waist-deep so you can enjoy a bit of swimming while you wait on you fish, shrimp, conch or lobster meal to be prepared. If you’re lucky enough, you may spot wild dolphins on your journey to or from the bar. Have a cold beer of your choice and bask in the cool sea winds. It’s a unique indulgence.

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