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It’s never too late to start saving, whether it is for emergencies, fun or investment, and the JN Bank Canada Representative Office can help you get started to grow your money.

JN Bank offers several ways to help you save towards your plans in Jamaica. For instance, persons can open a vacation account and earn competitive rates while saving towards a dream vacation in Jamaica. All that is required to start is a minimum of CA$50 and depositors can save in Jamaican, Canadian or US dollars, or British pound sterling.

JN Bank also provides long-term savings options, like the Goal Saver Account that members can use to build generational wealth and plan for the future. With the Goal Saver Account, savers are guaranteed 30 per cent interest on their money and it also comes with a special insurance component. The minimum amount to start a JN Goal Saver Account is J$100,000, and members have the option of having the funds held for either seven or 10 years.

If your target is medium term, you can try JN Bank’s Direct Gain or Be Wise plans. These allow persons to save in foreign currency. Depositors can open a JN Direct Gain Account with a minimum of CA$1,000 and save for a fixed period of 30, 90, 180 or 365 days. Plus, with this plan, pensioners stand to benefit from an additional premium of 0.125 per cent on Canadian deposits.

You can also receive great returns when you open a three-year fixed deposit Be Wise account. All you need to start is a minimum of $10,000 Canadian dollars.

Additionally, JN Bank has a limited sweet savings offer where you can get 7 per cent on a one-year fixed savings account. This offer is only applicable to new deposits and is available in Jamaican dollars. The minimum deposit is J$500,000.

Whether it’s a dream to own a home, experience a memorable vacation, launch the next innovative business idea or retire happily, we encourage you to save so you can make your dreams possible. Visit our Savings Hub now!

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