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Saniah Spencer, chief of marketing and product development, JN Bank says homeownership is important for growth and development of the nation.

Speaking against the background of JN Bank’s launch of the Design Your Mortgage campaign, which provides a range of options for persons to finance home purchases, Miss Spencer underscored that the home nurtures and secures the family and that in turn families build communities.

“And it is those families and communities, which build strong nations,” she continued.

“At JN Bank we are, therefore, keen on the security and development of our families, by providing the best financing to assist Jamaicans to own a home, so that they can create an enriching environment to nurture their children and the generations to come,” she said.

The Bank recently communicated a menu of mortgage options, which include the Mortgage Plus and Graduated Payment mortgage options targeted primarily to young professionals, such as recent university and college graduates employed in their first or second jobs.

The Graduated Payment option allows beneficiaries to start with a low monthly payment which increases gradually, over an agreed specified period; while, cognizant of the costs that first-time homeowners often face, JN Bank has made the Mortgage Plus available to those persons who may need to settle mortgage and home-related expenditures without using funds from their own pocket.

“Quite often, some persons are not prepared for the level of expenditure that comes with home purchasing; and, therefore, this option provides a cushion for those persons who are faced with these costs,” she said, noting that the commercial also has several other options available to the market.

“Homeownership is necessary for the growth of any country, and we anticipate that by widening the options to purchase a home, we can empower Jamaicans and stimulate growth and security for their families and communities,” Miss Spencer informed.

“The JN brand is built on a promise to generate confidence among Jamaicans, and we continue to improve on that philosophy through the products and services we provide as JN Bank,” Miss Spencer reiterated.  “We are creating opportunities for empowerment by allowing you to Design Your Mortgage to achieve homeownership.”

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