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Hundreds of patrons attended the JN Bank Community Connection event hosted by the Florida Representative Office in Lauderhill, Florida on June 30 and sought information on the opportunities that exist in Jamaica for saving, vacationing and investing.

The event themed “Destination Jamaica”  included a mix of vendors such as:  airline providers, tourist destinations and attractions, health and wellness as well as developers and realtors that brought a wider appeal to brand Jamaica for the patrons who braved stormy weather to attend the event.

Nadine Ramsey, a patron, said that it was a positive experience for her, as she was now better informed about the investment opportunities that are available in Jamaica.

“It was really a great event. Based on the information received and the energy from the event, I’m literally ready to buy a house in Jamaica,” she said with enthusiasm.

“There are lucrative real estate opportunities, especially in St Elizabeth, which appeared to be value for money, in terms of square footage,” she said, about some of the properties on the market in Jamaica.

Miss Ramsey and others benefitted from the displays and information booths mounted by Howard Johnson Realty Limited; the Gates of Edgehill; Better Homes Jamaica; Immobilien Real Estate Merchants and Keller Williams Realty, who partnered with JN Bank Florida Representative Office.

Janice McIntosh, chief representative officer at the JN Bank Florida Representative Office, said that the event was well received and the addition of the tourism partners broadened the variety of information that was available to patrons.

“Thanks to our many partners, we were able to provide valuable information to the patrons about the offerings available in Jamaica,” she said.

Mrs McIntosh, in her presentation, informed that Jamaica was heading in a very positive direction, notwithstanding the many lessons and several challenges, which the country is working to overcome.

She said that since 2011, the Jamaican economy has been strengthening, following a relationship with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), to improve the economic fundamentals; such as, debt to GDP ratio, inflation and net international reserves.

“Our economy is in a position of strength it has not achieved in decades. I must say that this is largely due to our political maturity, as we are now experiencing continuity in the projects and initiatives started by different administrations,” she pointed out.

She said the Jamaican economy was being spurred by activities in the construction industry and improvements to the Jamaican road network, with major upgrades taking place across urban centres, particularly in the Kingston Metropolitan Region and St. Andrew.

“These road projects, along with the government’s stimulation of the housing market, have fueled investment in the real estate sector,” she explained.

Mrs McIntosh pointed out that JN Bank responded to these developments by introducing a variety of options to the market, allowing persons to “design a mortgage to suit their style and budget.”

Included in those options are: the choices to benefit from a variable rate mortgage; fix the mortgage rate; or, even to benefit from a balloon payment, where you place a lump sum on your mortgage.

Beyond that, we have strengthened the mortgage process, to now allow mortgagors to access their funds in 30 days or less, and several have benefited,” she explained.

Other partners of the event were: Sandals Jamaica, Jamaica Mortgage Bank, Jamaica Tourist Board and Caribbean Airlines. Special guest speaker was Jamaican Consul General to Miami, the Hon. Oliver Mair. Also in attendance were Commissioners Richard Campbell and Howard Berger.

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