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Hundreds of students from five primary and high schools across the country will benefit from financial literacy sessions through the upcoming ‘Way2Save JN Bank School Savers’ Tour from October 11 to November 7.

Shanae Morris, assistant manager, partnership and engagements at JN Bank, says the tour, which is a part of the JN School Savers’ Programme (JNSSP), is themed “Save So You Can Have a Bright Future”, and is geared towards promoting saving among children, encouraging them to embrace the habit of thrift. It’s also targeted at developing their numeracy skills and understanding of personal finance.

“Cultivating a healthy relationship with money and savings from an early age is crucial to the development of adults who will know how to manage their finances for a better quality of life,” she explained. “At JN Bank, we are providing students with greater access to financial literacy and the instruments, such as savings accounts, so that they can save for whatever goals they have in mind.”

Additionally, she says that the JN Bank School Savers’ Tour, which is in its third year of activation, will also be catering to parents and teachers.

“We are not leaving out our parents and teachers so we will have an inclusive session which also caters to them as well. This is also a thrust to get our teachers and parents to practice responsible financial habits that they can pass on to our children,” Mrs Morris outlined.

She also noted that JN Bank has welcomed sponsorship partner Sangster’s Book Storse and others, on board to assist with executing the tour and providing tokens for participants.

“We are grateful to our partners for coming onboard for this very important initiative to instill better financial practices in our young persons,” she said.

The tour will also involve savings account opening, interactive sessions, including question and answer segments and giveaways.

Participating schools are: Mannings School, Meadowbrook High School, Ferncourt High School, Harbour View and George Headley Primary Schools. These and other schools will also be invited to participate in the JN School Savers’ Club to be launched in January 2024.

The JNSSP is partnering with basic, primary and high schools across the country to promote financial literacy and develop the habit of saving from an early age.

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