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Representatives of the Jamaican Diaspora Leadership in the United States of America (USA) will be holding a three-day Leadership Summit, in Atlanta, Georgia, to focus on the development of the organisation’s US-based leadership and strengthen its remit to Jamaica. The event will take place at the Morrow Center in Morrow, Atlanta, November 16-18.


“The main purpose of the Summit will be to formulate a cohesive Jamaican Diaspora Development Plan, which will rationalise the work of the Diaspora network across the USA,” said Wayne Golding, Southeast Diaspora Advisory Board Representative, who worked in concert with the two other Advisory Board members, Dr. Rupert Francis (West/Mid-West) and Mrs. Akelia Lawrence-Maitland (Northeast), to design the underlying principles for the summit.


“Therefore, our objective is to stimulate our USA-based network to become a structured entity, with focused leadership and a structured plan, to enhance our contributions to Jamaica,” Mr. Golding outlined.


He also indicated that, “the Summit’s “Purpose Document” will focus on strengthening the organisation in the Diaspora, to eliminate fragmentation and bring together diverse leadership to implement a plan for growth and development.”


Dr. Rupert Francis noted, “after months of discussion, the leaders from the three Diaspora Advisory Groups in the USA accept that we were operating as individual responders and focusing on development in Jamaica, rather than consolidating our USA-based operations, to enable everyone to appreciate what we aim to achieve collectively, based on measurable, timed objectives.”


“I, therefore, welcome this summit,” Dr. Francis declared, “It will be a context in which our current and emerging leaders can meet and arrive at a consensus about the elements and timing of our plans, to better serve our mutual objectives.”



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He pointed out that the Atlanta Jamaica Association’s (AJA) Cultural and Education Fund is the official non-profit partner for the summit; and the organisation has the support of The Jamaica National Group, a legacy partner of the biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference.


Chief Executive Officer of The Jamaica National Group, Honourable Earl Jarrett, commended the work of the Jamaican Diaspora network across the USA and pointed out that, “strategic partnerships and alliances are critical going forward, hence, the need for individual Jamaican Diaspora groups to determine their respective missions, build capacity, and formulate an effective network to deliver specific projects.”


“We, therefore, look forward to the November summit, to be held in Morrow, Atlanta; and encourage Jamaicans who reside in the US north-east to participate,” Mr. Jarrett stated.

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