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The Jamaica National Group, one of the legacy partners in the leadership of the biennial Jamaican Diaspora Conference, held in Jamaica since 2004, has commended Jamaican Diaspora USA representatives on their up-coming Jamaica Diaspora Leadership Summit, slated to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, November 16-18, 2018.

“We welcome this initiative of the Jamaican Diaspora USA leadership to create a learning context in which Jamaicans and those of Jamaican descent from across the USA can meet to identify and make plans to strengthen our shared vision for the future of Jamaica,” said Earl Jarrett, chairman of the Jamaican Diaspora Foundation and chief executive officer of The Jamaica National Group.

Mr Jarrett pointed out that, since the first Diaspora conference, much has been achieved by the solid support of millions of Jamaicans in the Diaspora.  They  have positively impacted the nation’s health, education, agriculture and other sectors, based on the initiatives of groups in the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries.

“Last year, our biennial conference, held under the theme, “Partnership for Growth,” was instrumental in highlighting the rich and vibrant linkages that are possible when stakeholders, locally and overseas, work to enhance communities and change lives,” Mr Jarrett stated.

He also noted that, “strategic partnerships and alliances are critical going forward, hence the need for individual Jamaican Diaspora Groups to determine their respective missions,  build capacity, and formulate effective projects to deliver specific plans.”

“We, therefore, look forward to the November summit, to be held at the Morrow Center, in Morrow, Atlanta, next month and encourage Jamaicans who reside in the US north east to participate in the shaping of the Diaspora Development Plan, being spearheaded by USA-based Diaspora Advisory Board Representatives: Mr Wayne Golding, Dr Rupert A. Francis and Mrs Akelia Lawrence-Maitland,” Mr Jarrett said.