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Persons purchasing used cars may now receive up to 100 per cent financing and up to 10 years to repay from JN Bank.

The company recently undertook the initiative to expand the auto loan offering.

“We recognize that not everyone can afford new vehicles, and although these are depreciating assets, they are important to building wealth, as it allows people the opportunity to travel quickly and efficiently to get business completed,” commented Candice Minott, brand and integrated marketing manager, at JN Bank.

Mrs Minott noted that JN Bank is structured on empowering people to achieve their potential, and a motor vehicle is often an important asset in achieving that goal.

“For many people, owning a motor vehicle isn’t simply a show, but a necessity for their job, or their business. Therefore, we have an obligation to provide a means for them to access that asset if it is important to their development,” she said, explaining that JN Bank’s values are centred on assisting people to achieve their potential.

Processing fees attached to the loan are also low, Mrs Minott said, and turnaround is quick.

“Insurance premium financing is also available to persons who need to finance the insurance for their motor vehicles, which is available at attractive rates,” Mrs Minott added.

“Therefore, JN Bank is offering a solution to everyone who needs a motor vehicle, so that they can confidently pursue the path they choose for themselves,” she said.

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