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Residents of Tampa in Florida listen keenly to presentations made by JN Bank Florida Representative Office.

Janice McIntosh, Chief Representative Officer for the JN Bank Florida Representative Office, recently met with a small group of residents in Tampa, Florida and provided information on various options to use property as a means of long term financial growth opportunity in Jamaica.

Mrs. McIntosh was delivering her presentation to a group of individuals who expressed interest in doing business with the newly formed member owned commercial bank in Jamaica.  This event held at the Beulah Baptist Church, in Tampa, on April 19 is the first of many meetings planned across Florida to meet in communities where there is a large Jamaican descent.

“Real estate is a good financial growth strategy as Jamaica now boasts improved road infrastructure, with highways connecting communities and parishes and, real estate values have increased in areas outside of the Corporate Area and Montego Bay,” she advised the gathering.

The Chief Representative Officer also gave an overview of the Jamaican economy and mentioned various other indicators of growth and development on the island such as the Junior Stock Exchange, the stock market, stability of the US dollar and growth in small to medium sized enterprises.

One of the key areas of value to the attendees was to speak about the JN Diaspora CD launched last year in response to providing options for philanthropy for Jamaicans in the Diaspora.

“JN Bank currently offers a Diaspora Certificate of Deposit, which is a win win for savers who will earn interest while at the same time commit to donating 2% of that interest earned to a Social Enterprise Boost Initiative project allowing for cottage and small industries in Jamaica to be provided funding from these funds to grow,” she said

Mrs. McIntosh pointed out that these industries are where some of the highest levels of employment are found and any boost to these industries was a boost to the overall Jamaican economy and social development of Jamaicans.

The attendees were also informed about savings options at JN Bank with term and contractual savings instruments available.  The Tampa residents were assured that JN Bank with its representative office in Florida is a link to JN Bank and persons are able to conduct business in Jamaica without leaving the US.

She said that JN Bank was positioned, and had the capabilityto offer competitive products and services to facilitate various business ventures and opportunities in Jamaica; and the economy was on the right path, asthe country is on a path of robust development and increased economic growth.

Mrs. McIntosh also informed participants that JN Bank was the financial institution of choice to partner with, if they wanted to do business with a Jamaican financial institution.  JN Bank is able to offer mortgage financing, credit cards, which offer the lowest rate of interest on the market; lines of credit; auto loans; personal secured and unsecured loans; as well as, the lowest rates on business and commercial loans.

“The Jamaican economy is strengthening and the country is rife for investment in various sectors,” she maintained.

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