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JN Bank remains the leading provider of private mortgage financing in Jamaica and has assisted hundreds of persons living in the United Kingdom to own properties in Jamaica.  The most recent mortgage financing offer from JN invites persons to not only receive a mortgage from JN, but provides numerous options for them to design their mortgage under the Design Your Mortgage (DYM) plan.

This means that JN Bank is offering more ways to persons to finance real estate purchases in Jamaica, by giving them the option to choose a mortgage plan that suits their lifestyle!

Therefore, based on their preference, persons can design, or select the mortgage option, which best suits their cash flow and objectives: whether they are young professionals starting their careers;  or investors who are able to make lump sum payments; or persons who simply want to adjust their payments to suit their financial needs.

JN Bank provides eight options under the DYM from which they can choose:

  1. The Adjustable Rate Mortgage…
  2. The Interest Rate Protection or the Fixed Rate Option
  3. The Variable Rate Option…
  4. The Extended Payment Option…
  5. The Balloon Payment Option…
  6. The Payment Holiday Option…and
  7. The Graduated Mortgage, or
  8. The Mortgage Plus

In this issue, we feature the Graduated Mortgage.

The Graduated Mortgage is a beneficial option targeted to assist you with managing your payments. With a graduated mortgage, you start with a low monthly payment and your payments gradually increase over a specified period.

This option is especially suitable for young professionals in the infancy of their careers, as it offers lower loan repayments, which later increase as their earnings grow.

Qualifying applicants are likely to be individuals and families who expect increases in their future income. They must also be first-time homeowners in Jamaica.

For more information about the Design Your Mortgage options visit: and contact our UK team Vasle Atkinson, mobile mortgage specialist and Carline Williams, assistant manager at 0-800-328-0387 or by email at:

The JN UK Representative Offices will be hosting Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty, property agents from Jamaica in its offices in London on Thursday, August 2 and Friday, August 3. The agents will also be hosted in Birmingham on Saturday, August 4 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

All members are invited to visit and speak with Coldwell Banker about the properties available for sale and to discuss how a JN mortgage can assist in purchasing any property on show with the JN team, as well as how to access the benefits of the Design Your Mortgage plans.

For mortgage information, please contact the UK Representative Office at or 0-800-328-0387.

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