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Cynthia Davidson (centre), administrator at the Kingsgate United Church outreach programme looks at donated items courtesy of Jamaica National through the JN Foundation’s Member Advisory Council. Comprising of food mixers and blenders, the donation which was made in 2014 was used to aid in the church based HEART certified food preparation course. Sharing in the moment were Reverend Raymond Cooke, then chairman of the JN New Kingston MAC and Janice Mills, business relationship and sales advisor, JN New Kingston Branch.

JN Bank through the JN Foundation will re-establish its JN Bank Member Advisory Council (MAC) in 2019, to provide its members with direct engagement and participate in the identification and selection of projects to positively impact their communities, and ultimately the wider society.

Formerly known as the Branch Advisory Councils (BAC), JN Bank MACs were established in 2006 to involve JN Bank members in the selection of worthy ventures, in their respective communities.

Saniah Spencer, chief marketing and product development officer at JN Bank, said the bank has reviewed the JN Bank MAC initiative to engage members in meaningful partnerships that will be sustainable.

“As a mutual corporate entity, JN Bank gives back to its members through community and national development projects,” Ms Spencer explained. “Therefore, JN Bank MAC projects provides members with the opportunity to be involved in the identification of worthwhile projects and decision-making in the allocation of resources for programmes for community development.”

Ms Spencer stated that the revised JN Bank MAC initiative will kick-off with a workshop, scheduled for January 22, at which members will be updated about the guidelines for the programme, and, a “think tank” session will follow, to assist members to identify meaningful projects for implementation.

The JN Bank executive stated that projects will benefit from a grant scheme, which will provide funding of up to J$400,000, based on the scale of the respective venture.

The JN Bank MACs operate across all JN Bank branches and JN Bank MoneyShops in Jamaica;  and, includes community representatives and JN Bank employees. To date, approximately J$51.4 million in funding has been expended, generating more than 370 community projects in parishes across the country.

All parishes have benefited under the programme; and the funds are disbursed through the branch networks, to reinvest and benefit the communities they serve.

Some of the projects and community organisations which have benefited from JN Bank MAC grant funding in the past, included: Alpha Primary School on South Camp Road in Kingston; the Basket and Tings Association of Trelawny; the Lionel Town Community Development Group in in Clarendon; Morant Bay Infirmary in St Thomas; and Prospect Police Station, St Ann.

For further information on the MAC projects, visit the JN Foundation website at

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