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Choose from a list of nature-based photos, entertainment stock images and Jamaican cultural symbols, or your own, to make your debit card truly yours!

Applying is easy!

There are two simple options to personalize your debit card:

1. Log in to JN LIVE Online Banking and upload your image. Select the JN Bank branch where you want to collect your personalised debit card or…

2. Visit your nearest JN Bank Branch and a JN Member Service Representative will assist you with the process

Once your debit card is ready, it can be pinned and linked to your JN Bank account, which will allow you to use the card immediately to access your funds at ATMs and Point-of-Sale machines.

Personalizing your card is affordable. You may personalise your card with only $600 with an image from our image gallery or $1000 with your own.

You can apply for a personalised card whether they already have an account or are opening a new account with us.