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Shawn Cornwall, supervisor, customer service, JN Canada Representative Office. 

If you’ve ever conducted business at the JN Representative Office in Toronto, Canada, then chances are you’ve interacted with Shawn Cornwall, or one of her expertly trained customer service representatives (CSRs).

Ms Cornwall has been working at the JN Rep Office for almost 14 years, where she started out as a CSR. She now supervises a team of six CSRs, who ensure that members and customers feel valued, are treated fairly, and know that they are appreciated by the Jamaica National Group.

“As supervisor, I make certain that the front office operates smoothly. I monitor the CSRs, to ensure that they’re performing their duties as assigned. I also check to confirm that we adhere to the codes and conduct stipulated by our regulators, which is the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions,” she informed.

“While our job involves achieving customer satisfaction, it is much more than that. Customer service is a vital element in any business operation, and it can make or break your organisation. It also impacts your bottom line and affects how your company is perceived by members of the public,” Ms Cornwall outlined.

The Kingston native further pointed out that the best part of her job, is the guidance and support she provides to members and customers to fulfill their long-term financial goals.

“Many of our members dream about returning home to Jamaica after they retire; therefore, some are saving to purchase a home, or simply saving so that they can fulfill their repatriation goal. It feels really good when I’m able to guide and support them in achieving their dreams,” she related.

The Queen’s School alumni said she also appreciates her job at the JN Rep Office, because it “keeps her connected to her roots”.

“Although I left Jamaica many years ago, working with JN provides me with that sense of home which many of us still dream about. I am connected to my Jamaican culture and heritage; and it warms my heart when I speak with a member who uses the Jamaican parlance, it’s very relatable,” she affirmed.

Ms Cornwall describes herself as a friendly, pleasant person, who can be stern and quite meticulous when it comes to her job. And, declared: “I’m very organised. I have a strong ability to multi-task and I work well under pressure.”

Her ability to multi-task is quite useful at the JN Rep Office, as Ms Cornwall not only leads her team of CSRs, but also assists in other areas of the business operations. “I wear many hats. I do reconciliation and I also assist with the planning of promotional events,” she remarked.

Ms Cornwall, who has one daughter and a granddaughter, said Oprah Winfrey, is one of her favourite public personalities, noting that the “rags to riches” rise of the US media mogul has inspired her over the years.

“One of my favourite quotes from Oprah is: “Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” Those words have inspired me to live in the moment, and to cherish each day as it comes,” Ms Cornwall declared.

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