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Jennifer Clarke-Twiddle (right) Business Relationship and Sales Advisor, JN Bank, listens attentively to sisters Priscilla (left) and Esther Bernard, who were in attendance at the Children’s Day Service, at the Church of The United Brethren-Faith, on May 30.  The service observed the national theme for Child’s Month, “I Strive to Overcome Adversities with Resilience,” (I Soar).

“Teach children the value of work,” Jennifer Clarke-Twiddle, Business Relationship and Sales Advisor, JN Bank is imploring.

“Engage them in age-appropriate chores and ensure that they do them properly. By doing so, you are preparing them for their adult years when they enter the formal workforce,” she advised.

Clarke-Twiddle was addressing congregants at the St Andrew-based Church of the United Brethren-Faith, via live stream on Children’s Day, which was observed at the church on May 30.   In keeping with the national theme for Child Month, “I Strive to Overcome Adversities with Resilience,” (I Soar), she also underscored that parents could inspire their children to soar, by spending quality time with them, daily.

“Spending quality time with children is especially critical during this COVID-19 pandemic, as, they have been physically away from their friends for more than a year, and this can result in feelings of loneliness. Also, spending quality time will help you to monitor their activities and reduce their excessive use of screens [laptop, TV, etc.] This quality time is also benefitting to you, parents, as it helps you to further bond with your children.”

Clarke-Twiddle suggested that parents could achieve quality time with their children by having meals together, engaging in their hobbies, talking, and listening to them. She emphasised the importance of doing so, as it can result in less behavioural issues at home and school and that children will become more cooperative in obeying instructions.

She further urged parents to praise and encourage their children, which can assist them to soar.

“Children strive on affirmations and that especially helps to reinforce positive behaviours.  Additionally, it also encourages them to excel academically. Acknowledge them when they take the initiative to do things around the house.  Tell them you love them, hug them and let them know you are happy that they are your children, let them realise that you believe in their capabilities. Showing your children that you love and care for them will strengthen them mentally and emotionally.”

In exploring the experiences of Joseph in the Bible, Clarke-Twiddle stated that children will also experience adversities; but like Joseph, they should exercise patience when going through tough times and not to give up on God.

“Some of you are feeling sad, some of you are feeling burnt out with online learning, and you are eager for this pandemic to end. We understand how you are feeling, because, as adults, we also feel the same way.  Despite the adversities which you are facing, we encourage you to soar, because you have the potential to do so,” the banker affirmed.

Ten-year-old Esther Bernard and her 12-year-old sister, Priscilla Bernard, were among the stipulated 30 persons in attendance at the Children’s Day Church Service, in keeping with the Disaster Risk Management protocol.   Like many other children, they pointed out that they were longing to see their friends, and it was one of the issues that they have been trying to deal with since the pandemic.

“I have not seen my friends in over a year,” Esther stated.  And Priscilla disclosed that she was not able to communicate with her friends, which makes her sad.

They also indicated that they were experiencing challenges with their online classes.

“Sometimes I have internet issues, therefore, I miss some of my regular classes,” Priscilla related.

Both girls, who aspire to become singers and songwriters, expressed confidence in their capability to soar and achieve their career dream.

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