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As part of its strategic objective to serve even more clients in the northern and western sections of the Corporate Area, JN Small Business Loans (JNSBL) has opened a new location in Half-Way Tree. The location is part of the company’s strategic move to bolster its position as the microfinance provider of choice for persons in the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector.

The new Shop 21 is located in the recently opened plaza, at 7 Eastwood Park Road, across from the Half-Way Tree Transportation Centre, and it replaces the previous office at Jerry’s Plaza on Molynes Road.

“Half-Way Tree is perhaps one of the most busy and significant commercial and transportation hubs, outside of downtown Kingston. It provides transportation to many sections of the city and rural communities,” explained Mrs Gillian Hyde, general manager, JNSBL, at the opening of the office on June 14.

“With traffic data suggesting that at least 250,000 pedestrians and more than 100,000 vehicles use the Half-Way Tree hub daily, this area allows JNSBL to serve its clients effectively, and to inform more persons about our products and services,” she added.

Mrs Hyde stated that the new location will also serve new and prospective clients who reside in areas such as: Manor Park, Stony Hill, Lawrence Tavern, Papine, communities off Washington Boulevard, Red Hills and its surrounding areas.
“This new location will also be more convenient for our more than 1,000 clients, in this zone” she stated. “And, it gives us an opportunity to tap into areas, such as Stony Hill and Red Hills, to provide greater assistance to entrepreneurs in those communities.”

Mr Dane Baker, client relations manager, Region 8, noted that the Half-Way Tree location reflected JNSBL’s commitment to assisting MSMEs in the Corporate Area and other communities who were desirous of growing their operations.

“This strategic location positions us to serve a wider cross section of business persons. It provides higher visibility, convenience and easier access for clients, as we are now in the centre of the Half-Way Tree hub. This move will lead to the creation of more jobs and stimulate growth in the economy,” he said. Business operators in and around the HWT area will have greater access to financing to help sustain and grow their operations he further stated.

Mrs Veronica Brae-White, a JNSBL client for more than 17 years, said she was proud to be a JNSBL client; and welcomed the opening of the new location in Half-Way Tree.

“JNSBL has assisted me over the years, from I started out; and they helped me to expand my business significantly, I was able to add 2 other businesses and have been able to accomplish a number of my personal goals. I am confident I will continue to grow with JNSBL and am pleased to continue my relationship with the company,” she declared. 

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