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Card skimming is a form of fraud where criminals capture data from a bank card, which they use to create a clone. They commonly do this by affixing devices at ATMs and on POS machines that can ‘read’ the card. These may include keyboards, cameras, card readers and other data transmitters which are carefully attached so that they won’t be easily detected by anyone.

Over the years debit card skimming has affected several deposit taking institutions and continues to be a challenge in Jamaica and around the world.

Here are some habits you should put into practise when using your bank card to avoid skimming:

1. Be observant at all ATMs. When using your card at any ATM, check carefully. Look for glue stains or any unusual markings around the area where the card is inserted (card reader) and the keypad. You should also move the parts with your hand to check if they are loose. Also, look around for any hidden cameras inside the ATM facility. If uncomfortable for any reason, use another ATM.

2. Protect your PIN. Memorise it and never disclose it to anyone or keep it written down. When entering your PIN at an ATM or on a POS machine at any merchant, use your free hand as a shield, so that others around won’t easily see the numbers you are entering.

3. Never let your card out of your sight. If using your card at a petrol station, a restaurant, or at any merchant, never allow the person serving you to walk away with your card.

If you are alerted to transactions that you did not conduct on your account, contact our Member Care Centre right away or visit your nearest JN Bank branch immediately to report it. You may reach our Member Care Centre at 888-991-4065/6 24/7, including weekends and public holidays.

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