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In keeping with our commitment to always expeditiously investigate incidents relating to the cloning or skimming of our JN debit cards, we can confirm that all cases reported to us up to Wednesday, January 10, 2024, in relation to the recent incidents in St Thomas, have been resolved. The affected members who made a report to us have also been refunded.

We continue to work with the police and other financial institutions on the investigation.

We urge members to remain vigilant by:

  1. Monitoring their text message and email alerts carefully.
  2. Contacting us immediately if they receive an email or text about an unknown transaction on their account.
  3. Being observant while conducting transactions at all ATMs and POS machines.
  4. Always protecting their PINs.
  5. Never letting their card out of their sight when making purchases.

If members identify discrepancies or unauthorised activities on their accounts, they should contact our Member Care Centre immediately at 888-991-4065/6, which is available 24 hours, including weekends and public holidays, or visit their nearest JN Bank branch to report it.

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