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As of March 17, 2024, transfers by standing orders and faster payments through our Citibank account #17559968 to JN Bank accounts in Jamaica will be unavailable.

To prepare for the upcoming change, we urge persons currently making payments from the UK to do the following in advance of the March 17 deadline:

  1. Instruct their UK bank to cancel standing orders being sent to Citibank account #17559968.
  2. Discontinue the use of the faster payments service to make payments via Citibank account number #17559968.

Remember, the current service will be unavailable as of March 17. Any funds transferred using these methods will be returned to the UK bank account from which it was sent.

  1. Choose one of the three transfer options (SWIFT payment, Pension Expediter and JN Money) outlined above.

For more information or assistance, please email or call our dedicated phone line, 0 203 769 1072, and a member of our team will help you.

We value your loyalty and commitment to Jamaica and regret any inconvenience caused.


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