Choose a JN Bank mortgage
    that is right for you!

    Adjustable Rate Mortgage

    Achieve homeownership with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage from JN Bank

    Fixed Rate

    Principal and interest remains fixed for the life of the loan

    Home Construction

    Build the home you dreamed of

    Home Equity

    Make Your Home Work For You! From home improvement, debt consolidation to medical emergencies

    Graduated Mortgage

    Choose an Adjustable Rate Mortgage with a low monthly payment at the start, which gradually increases over a specified period

    Variable Rate

    Benefit from flexible interest rates

    Extended Payment

    Extend the life of your mortgage to benefit from lower payments on principal and interest

    Balloon Payment

    Complete your mortgage early by making a lump sum payment

    Payment Holiday

    Delay your mortgage payments for a specified period so you can you take care of other needs

    Step-up Mortgage

    Achieve Homeownership Early in Life.